Audit Services

As audit professionals, we emphasize on continual assessment of our audit procedures to be in line with the audit and reporting requirements. We believe that understanding of our clients’ needs and business process are the fundamental of maintaining a good quality of auditing. This will also generate reliable information to the investors and stakeholders for better decision-making in the capital markets.

Our Audit Services Includes:

1. Financial Due Diligence Audit

– Provide evaluation & investigation on relevancy of the financial information provided by a proposed business
takeover / acquisition transaction.
– Assist in forecasting the sustainability & potential future earnings of the target company.
– Advice on the possible synergies associated with the proposed acquisition.

2. Forensic Audit

– Evaluation in the field of accounting of a firm’s or individual’s financial information for use as evidence in court.
– Provide expert testimony during trial proceedings to determine negligence or prosecute a party for financial fraud.

3. Internal Audit Services

– Provide outsourcing of internal audit services to clients’ company by providing independent assurance that an
organization’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

4. Statutory Audit

– We provide statutory audit to ensure clients fulfill their statutory obligations and file audited accounts in a timely manner.